Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite on Sunday became the first foreign language film to win Oscar for Best Picture. The Korean import also became the first film to win Best Picture with a TV series adaptation already in the works.


At the onset of the awards season, when Parasite was a hot upstart but an Oscar Best Picture long shot, HBO landed a Parasite limited series. The in-demand Bong was heavily courted by streamers, including Netflix, which distributed his previous movie before Parasite, Okja. He chose to go with HBO, teaming up with Succession executive producer Adam McKay, who is under a first-look deal at HBO/HBO Max.

在大奖季的开端,《寄生虫》在众人看来还只是挺有热度的新星,但是距离获得奥斯卡奖还有一段距离,那个时候HBO就已经在计划制作《寄生虫》改编的迷你剧集了。奉俊昊也同样炙手可热,颇受诸多流媒体平台垂青,包括Netflix(奈飞),曾播放奉俊昊在《寄生虫》之前的一部作品《玉子(Okja)》。奉俊昊最终选择了HBO,与《继承之战》的执行制片人亚当·麦凯携手,后者被HBO/HBO Max一眼看中。

Bong and McKay, both Oscar winners, started discussing ideas about what the series would look like a few weeks ago, I hear. There has been chatter that Mark Ruffalo is being considered for a role. Any casting buzz is very premature as Bong and McKay are ways away from talking to actors, but Ruffalo did not deny that there may have been an overture. “I’d be honored to be able to play something” in the Parasite series, he told TMZ Monday.


Shortly after the Golden Globes, where Parasite won the Foreign-language film award, word of the series adaptation got out. Conventional Oscar campaigns have contenders keeping any pending TV projects under wraps until after the Academy Awards for fear of jeopardizing their chances. But television is no longer considered features’ inferior sibling. And Parasite is not your typical Oscar contender.


The TV series news did not hamper the film’s chances, and Parasite, distributed by indie NEON, walked away with four Oscars — all won or shared by Bong — best picture, director, writing and international picture.


There are only a couple of Best Picture Oscar-winning films that have spawn TV series, all done years after the movie had won the Academy Award. The very short list includes In the Heat of the Night and Crash. None has had the original creative minds behind the movie as deeply involved as Bong is in the HBO series. (Another of Bong’s movies, Snowpiercer, is being done as a TV series at TNT with other auspices.)

只有几部获得奥斯卡最佳影片的电影改编成了电视剧,并且都是在电影获奖后的几年后完成的。这短短的列表里包括了《炎热的夜晚(In the Heat of the Night and Crash)》(1967年,于1968年获得奥斯卡最佳影片)。在HBO电视剧中,从没有过像奉俊昊这样电影背后新颖的、具有创造性的大脑参与进来。(奉俊昊的另一部作品《雪国列车》由TNT以及其他几个赞助者一同改编成了电视剧。)

In interviews during the final phase of the Oscar campaign Bong explained that the series, likely six hours in length, will not be a straight remake of the film but will include a lot of additional material and stories he had developed for Parasite that could not fit into a two-hour movie.




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